£30 deposits are required for all full sets of lashes, unless the treatment is paid in full at booking. Someone from Lashed Leeds will be in touch after booking with details of how to pay the deposit and this must be then paid within 48hrs.

Any cancellations or rescheduling up to 48hrs before your appointment will not receive a charge. Any less than this time will result in losing the deposit or a 50% of treatment charge for appointments that do not require a deposit.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment with no eye makeup on. Any time taken to remove makeup or for lateness will mean that your lash artist will have less time to apply your lashes or may mean the treatment cannot be carried out.


We require a patch test to be carried out at least 24hrs before your first visit to Lashed Leeds. There is no exception to this. Please do not book if you are unable to first come in for a patch test.

Our Russian Volume Lashes and the Classic Individual Lashes last 4-6 weeks depending on two main factors: a person’s genetic hair growth cycle and how well they look after them. We suggest having them topped up every 2-3 weeks to replace any extensions that have shed due to the body's natural lash cycle and to replace any that have grown out.

Of course! That’s the beauty of lash extensions. After the initial 24hrs where we do advise you keep the lashes out of water, you can do all of the above without worrying about your mascara running, making them perfect for holidays and special occasions.

We pride ourselves on our relaxing lash treatments and make you as comfortable and cosy as possible. Lying down on a memory foam beauty bed and covered with a cosy blanket, we carefully separate each of your own natural lashes and apply your chosen extensions to them one at a time, making sure your natural lashes do not stick together and clump. This allows the natural lash (with it's extension attached) to grow out on its own, not pulling the neighbouring lash with them. Each treatment varies in time but a full set can be between 1.5hrs to 3hrs. We encourage our clients to take a little nap or bring an audio book to listen to.

You can apply mascara to Classic Individual Extensions but not to Russian Volume Extensions. One of the best things about our eyelash extensions is that the need for mascara is gone, the majority of clients only put mascara on their lower lashes. If you do feel the need to put mascara on your Classics please make sure it is not waterproof as this will effect the adhesive (same goes for waterproof eyeliner, its a no no too!)



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